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Does your company have social media profiles? These pages let you reach out to customers and can help you grow a stronger business. Knowing how to measure your return on investment, or ROI, for these pages can help you get a real idea of their effectiveness.Profile InteractionsLooking at your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

interactions is an easy way to measure your social media marketing efforts. Social media pages are appealing to businesses because they give them a platform to reach out to customers and share important information about products and services. Customers can then interact with businesses by using social media functions. Facebook users can “Like” a picture or status update, Twitter follows can “Favorite” or “Retweet” your posts, and Instagram users can leave comments on profile pictures.Check on these interactions regularly to determine the success of your social media marketing.Google Analytics Social media pages can drive more traffic to your company’s website. Learning how to track how many clicks come from your social media pages can help you determine how effective your marketing efforts are and how much more effort you should put into them. Google Analytics can help you track your clicks thanks to their easy-to-use social media tracking services. Simple add a code to your website and then Google Analytics will help you track when customers click on links to your website that you share on social media. This service also keeps track of shares and other forms of interaction.Facebook Advertisements Placing ads on Facebook can spread the word about your company to new customers.

Social Media Marketing It can also help you determine how many new customers are coming in thanks to social media marketing efforts. Facebook allows company pages to track the clicks they receive from ads placed on the social media website.This means you can easily find out when a new customers finds your website and signs up for notifications as a direct result of Facebook advertising.3 Unexpected Ways Social Media Can Help Your BusinessLike, follow, share—these are just some of the terms businesses need to know thanks to social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media websites make it easy to stay connected, which is why they are perfect for small businesses! Read on to learn about some of the lesser-known ways social media can help your company.Improving Customer ServiceModern companies must understand that social media plays a big role in customer service. Customers used to visit in person or rely on phone calls to get responses to their questions and complaints. These days, customers turn to social media pages to connect with the businesses that they use and discuss relevant products and services. Many of your customers may be leaving